The Shocking Truth of Building Leverage and the Home Business Solution

Imagine for a moment that you are one of those huge success stories you read and hear about, someone that has set themselves free from the indentured servitude of the corporate world … you now have the financial security and independence that allows you the time freedom to live the life that it always seems like the “others” have.

Have you ever noticed how Fortune 500 company executives play a lot of golf, go on exotic vacations, and have more time available for having a quality of life than the average worker has? What is it that enables them to have this time freedom? It’s a concept called leverage. They keep getting paid big, on other’s efforts. They have leverage working for them. You can too, and here are a few ways to get it done.

The Corporate America Alternative
Most people are raised to get an education and seek out the best job they can get. The “Holy Grail” job is the high paid corporate executive who makes a multiple 6 figure paycheck. Rising to this level of income being paid to you by other requires years of “corporate ladder climbing”; long hours, and exchanging your time freedom for 24/7 access from the company. As you find High paid corporate executives are always “on the clock”.

Is Starting Your Own Traditional Business the Answer?
When you start your own business you are wading into a treacherous swamp full of obstacles, hostile threats, and loads of quick sand. Firstly, if you are able to raise the working capital to start a traditional business, you are typically required to have $100,000 – $250,000 in startup capital depending on the business. Then once you are open for business, for the first 5 years, plan on where lots of hats and having no leverage or time freedom. While you may feel free because you aren’t working for “the man” anymore; the truth is that you are just working for another “the man” called the banker. Once you have borrowed money for your traditional business, you are not on the hook, and required to focus completely on making that business viable. This doesn’t account for all of the regulation and/or employee overhead and headaches. To build to a $1,000,000 per year income, you will have to build a $10,000,000 per year business minimum.

What about buying an existing business or Franchise?
Buying a franchise ort existing business actually requires more capital than starting your own business. Expect to begin with large bank loans and instant major overhead. This environment mandates that you commit further than even a traditional business.

Why Home Based Leverage Building Opportunities are much safer and easier.
Even the most expensive leverage building Home Business only costs $25,000 – $35,000 to get started on the high side. In any business you have to apply committed focused effort; the difference here is that you will have little or no debt associated with you home business; and you will only have to manage yourself. In high price point leverage building home business opportunities, you can build an income equivalent to building that $10,000,000 per year traditional business in 2-4 years at a fraction of the cost and risk.

Creating Wealth requires that somewhere along the way you dramatically increase your personal income, and then re-invest that income into passive channels. Your options for creating massive income are limited. You could hold out for the big corporate position; however, that could be here today gone tomorrow. You could build your own business or buy an existing business / franchise; however, expect to be saddled with debt and burdened with employees and regulation. The Leverage Building Home Business alternative provides a low cost alternative to wealth building that still requires the effort in the beginning that any wealth building alternative does; however, as time goes on, you have massive leverage in place, and no debts or overhead associated with the large passive income stream(s). So if you are serious about building wealth and want to do it now instead of in 10 – 15 years, the leverage building home business alternative is your best choice.