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If you really want to earn big profits at fast turnaround time, then invest in wholesale electronics. Electronic gadgets are the fastest and most profitable items in the market. Hundreds of thousand electronic products are being sold per year which manifests people’s indulgence to technology. New innovations are coming out one after another in a short period of time. These techie gadgets have really made our world much more advanced.

If you think that you need big money to start this business, then you are wrong. That perception has long been erased by the advent of the drop shippers. Yes! Drop shipping is the answer to your problem. It is the new trend in e-commerce where retailers can now earn money without having to invest much money. They can sell anywhere in any given time without actually having the stocks physically. The drop shipper will handle the stocks and the delivery process. And they will only pay the drop shipper for every paid order.

The most popular electronic products in drop shipping business are DVD players, digital cameras, Blue Ray players, MP3/MP4 players, mobile phones, computers and computer accessories. But of course, your profitability will depend on how well you managed your supply chain. It is important that you source your electronic stocks from reputable supplier that only offers high quality products at real wholesale prices. The most leading manufacturers and suppliers in this niche are those that come from Asian countries like China, Japan and Korea. But the most affordable tech gadgets that you can purchase are from China. China electronics are at par with the leading manufacturers but their prices are much lower. This is because their labor cost is much cheaper. Labor cost is one of the contributing factors in computing for the price of a product. Chinese laborers are accepting cheap salary. Chinese government has discovered an efficient way to lower down the cost of their living and that is by providing food for everybody for free!

Choosing the right supplier for you business is very crucial. And to avoid online scams, use a reputable web directory that can provide you an extensive list of legitimate wholesaler drop shippers and manufacturers. You can use SaleHoo directory in searching for your wholesale drop shipper. SaleHoo accredited companies have undergone strict screening process to ensure the retailers and other online sellers of a clean business. All companies in SaleHoo’s database are 100 percent verified reliable and authentic. They are all evaluated base on their past business transactions, their prices and their legal papers.

Unemployed Graduates Encouraged to Be Economically Active in Ekurhuleni

South Africa is faced with an increasing alarming rate of unemployed graduates. In 2014, 185 375 students graduated from South Africa’s universities. This number includes both under-graduate and post-graduates students from all 23 South African universities. The 2015 Statistics South Africa indicated that the number of unemployed graduates has increased from 8.6% in 2008 to 12.9% in 2015.

Phomolong is a community in Ekurhuleni and it is also experiencing a high volume of unemployed graduates. Although career ‘expos’ have been held in the community that has not led to a decrease in the number of unemployed graduates in the community. Most of the programmes developed by the government accommodate unskilled youth and the skilled ones are left behind. These programmes include a programme such as the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP), the programme is not fully inclusive of graduates. An art entrepreneurial training centre is needed to encourage economic participation of unemployed graduates in Ekurhuleni.

The aforementioned project is aligned with the Goal 8 of the Millennium Development Goals. Goal 8 aims to develop a global partnership for development. In the 2015 Millennium Development Goals report it was stated that developing countries imported 79% of their imports to developed countries freely. The rate or percentage of graduates who have the intentions of starting their own businesses is low in South Africa.South Africa’s department of Arts and Culture’s five year strategic plan focuses on the following themes; skills development, economic development, development preservation and promotion of arts, culture and heritage, preservation of access to information and social cohesion and national building. This five year strategic plan reflects that the department is not only focusing on improving individuals skills but improving their skills with those that are required in the art employment market. The department aims to achieve economic growth through the above mentioned which indicates that arts have government support in South Africa.

An art entrepreneurial training centre is one of the ways in which these unemployed graduates can acquire more skills and utilize those skills in an entrepreneurial manner. The art centre will be a form of institution where they will learn while being economically active. In the centre they can learn different forms of art and entrepreneurial skills. A platform to keep them occupied while waiting to get absorbed into the labour market.

South Africa needs to create a society that is not dependent on the state but one that is able and willing to better itself. Programmes such as internships have been created by both the public and private sector as an instrument to control graduate unemployment. However, the number of unemployed graduates continues to escalate over the years. It is essential that we explore available ways to encourage economic participation of unemployed graduates as a country.

Questions First-Year College Students Should Ask

Either before or early in the first year of college, students should ask and answer some important questions. Getting off to a good start in college is important to success after college. These questions will help with that.

1. What is it that I expect when I graduate? (My personal wants)

a. A job in my field of interest with advancement potential

b. A job that pays well

c. The ability to live on my own

d. The ability to pay off my loans

e. The ability to have an active social life

2. What jobs are available in my field of interest? (Research)

a. Are these jobs (job duties) of interest to me?

b. Do these jobs have career potential?

c. Do these jobs pay enough to satisfy my personal wants?

d. Will I be happy in one of these jobs? Which ones? Why?

e. Can I select a job or group of jobs to serve as my target?

3. Does my chosen field take advantage of my interests and strengths?

a. Have I demonstrated an interest and aptitude in this area?

b. Do I have strong talents and skills in this area?

c. Have I previously performed well in this area?

d. Have others said that I would be good in this area?

e. Does this career direction excite and inspire me?

Spending a few hours investigating these specifics will help to ensure that students have a desirable target. That is important.

It doesn’t make much sense to spend four years in college at the cost of $100,000+ only to find that you can’t find a job that will satisfy most of your personal wants. The time to do the investigation is before or immediately after you start college. That way you can select a directly related major and minor, perform the activities that will support your career objectives and make you more attractive to the most desirable employers in your field.

Waiting until you begin your job search in the senior year of college to discover that the jobs that are available to you do not stack up well with your career direction and personal wants is not an effective strategy. However, doing some research and realistic thinking before or during your first year of college will help you accomplish your graduation goals.

By researching, thinking about and answering a few questions, students can help to ensure that they are not wasting their time and money.