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Why Small Businesses Fail

Success in business is never automatic. It isn’t strictly based on luck-although a little never hurts. It depends primarily on the owner’s foresight and organization. Even then, of course, there are no guarantees. Starting a small business is always risky, and the chance of success is slim. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), roughly 50 percent of small businesses fail within the first years.

Following are several reasons for small business failure:

* Lack of experience
* Poor planning
* Insufficient capital (money)
* Poor location
* Poor inventory management
* Over-investment in fixed assets
* Poor credit arrangements
* Personal use of business funds
* Unexpected growth

On the Upside

It is true that there are many reasons not to start your own business. However, for the right person, the advantages of business ownership far outweigh the risks.

* You will be your own boss.
* Hard work and long hours directly benefit you, rather than increasing profits for someone else.
* Earning and growth potential are far greater.
* A new venture is as exciting as it is risky.
* Running a business provides endless challenge and opportunities for learning.

What are you thoughts? Do you possess the needed skills, aptitudes, and behaviors to start a business and make it successful?

Do You Have What It takes to Start Your Own Business?

Learn the characteristics and habits of creative, successful entrepreneurs. Many highly successful entrepreneurs have similar traits and characteristics. Learn what these are and what you can do to improve on your own.

What Do Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common?

* Persistence
* Desire for immediate feedback
* Inquisitiveness
* Strong drive to achieve
* High energy level
* Goal-oriented behavior
* Independent
* Demanding
* Self-confident
* Calculated risk taker
* Creative
* Innovative
* Vision
* Commitment
* Problem-solving skills
* Tolerance for ambiguity
* Strong integrity
* Highly reliable
* Personal initiative
* Ability to consolidate resources
* Strong management
* Organizational skills
* Competitive
* Change agent
* Tolerance for failure
* Desire to work hard

Many entrepreneurs also had a role model to influence them early on and parents who were entrepreneurs. Two traits necessary for successful entrepreneurs are creativity and innovation.

Earn Extra Cash Through the Google AdSense Phenomenal Business Bonanza

Despite AdSense’s popularity, almost no one makes enough money from it to work on it full-time but they do earn extra cash. If you are currently trying to increase your AdSense earnings there are some tried and tested rules that will help you achieve more clicks and earn extra cash.

As an online marketer, you realize that you must be consistent and persistent to achieve the goals that you set for yourself. There is no difference in the AdSense business. To be a top AdSense earner, you must follow in the footsteps of other top earners by working smarter instead of blithely continuing to use poor techniques.

Indeed, some online marketers think that working solely with high paying keywords is a good strategy. Is it any surprise, then, that the most successful users of AdSense buck that trend by designing several sites on medium priced keywords that have something in common? Then as they go along, they build sites that are related to that common theme.

For example, you might build your sites under the theme of ‘computers’. Do not just make only one site that sells nothing but computers! Instead, produce multiple sites that sell all sorts of computer-related products. This idea is critical to helping you reach your earning potential.

When you begin AdSense publishing, you need to keep these rules in mind to earn extra cash:

1. Create a way to track successes and failures.

2. Keep on top of the latest and greatest tools.

3. Create an AdSense web site that is simple for each and every visitor to navigate. Keep these websites simple and don’t promote anything else on them.

4. Take your AdSense business seriously, as you would any other kind of real business.

Thinking of AdSense as a business and designing a series of related websites is the only proven way to earn extra cash.

Designing and implementing web sites, performing search engine optimizations, and most importantly learning from your mistakes before you try again are just some of the challenges you have to look forward to as you start this career path.

You can use the latest tools and software to automate the keyword selection process, create good sites and do most of the tedious search engine optimization for your AdSense sites. In this regard investing some money in the right software will turn more profit in the long run because you will be able to make more sites faster. AdSense is all about making as many highly profitable sites as possible.

No one can be an instant AdSense sensation. The best way to earn extra cash with your AdSense business is to follow the rules outlined here and constantly build more websites. What you earn at AdSense is strictly a function of what you put into your business.

How to Start a Day Care Business

How to start a daycare business is a question that is in the mind of many new entrepreneurs. Starting a daycare business is not hard but you just have to prepare yourself and do your homework. In this article I will go over a few important steps on how to start a daycare business.

Before you start a daycare business you are going to need a few things. I recommend you start out first by making a list of things you are going to need. A business plan is a key element in order to get yourself started in the right path. Here are a few steps and tips to start a daycare business.

How to start a daycare business tip number one. Make sure you get a your license. You can start by getting a copy of the regulations for licensing for your state. This can probably be done by contacting the Division of Family Services or similar government agency.

How to start a daycare business tip number two. Answer these important questions. If you are planning to open a daycare in your home, does your home and yard have enough space for the minimum square feet required by law for each daycare child? Also, have you met, or will you be able to meet, the educational requirements? Are these rules and regulations you and your family can live with on a day today basis? These are questions you should consider before you start a daycare business.

How to start a daycare tip number three. Make a Budget, That’s right you need to work out a budget, so you can determine how much you’ll charge for minding the children. There are start-up costs that have to be taken into account. For example (if the daycare is located in your home)child proofing your home, setting up an appropriate fenced in play area in the yard, first aid kits are a must, as well as the promotional material that you’ll need in order to market your daycare services.

How to start a daycare tip number four. Keep good records. Be sure to keep good records and keep taxes up to date. Track your spendings. Use Schedule C and SE along with 1040 forms, and take advantage of deductions. For example, make sure you keep receipts of all materials, toys and office supplies relating to your daycare business. Second phone lines are also deductible.

How to start a daycare business tip number five. Make sure you get insurance. Check with your state laws to see what insurances you need. Call your local insurance agency or find one online. A daycare insurance agent can advice you. Make sure you have sufficient insurances up to date in the event of injuries. Decide, before you even open for business, if you plan to pick children up from school, etc. You will need additional insurance to protect the children and yourself if you choose to drive them anywhere.

How to start a daycare business tip number six. Every profitable day care center requires a sharp manager or director. This person might be yourself, or someone you hire for the job. Regardless, this person will be the key to your success. Don’t forget the director should have an empathy with people, be an excellent judge of people, be sales oriented, and have an outgoing personality.

How to start a daycare business tip number seven Decide what hours of operation your facility will have. You’ll need to decide on your regular day care hours. Generally, these are from 6 a.m. through 6 p.m. As you can see the work day is longer than a normal eight-hour day, but the satisfaction of watching children grow and develop will be worth the extra effort.

Yes, owning and operating a child care business can be a very challenging and rewarding career. Success in this field requires dedication, love and patience. If you are interested in starting a child care business, at some point it might be wise to invest in some kind of information guide that can show you how to start a daycare business step by step quickly and as easily. Below is a link to the guide that helped me establish my very own daycare business just 2 years ago. I recommend it with my heart.

This publication will help you plan, prepare and operate your business. It will show you clearly how to start your daycare business from scratch. It explains the step-by-step A-Z process of starting the daycare business, from assessing the need for child care services to selecting the service, setting up your business and preparing for opening day. How to start a DayCare business has never been easier with this guide.